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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Super Salad at Spasso!

shaved vegetable insalate

It seems that Mondays has become my once-weekly day for working doubles at the new restaurant. I don't mind it though. It gives me the opportunity to check out all the new-to-me restaurants in the neighborhood. (Oddly enough, my subway stop is the street where I worked at my first job in the city... over fifteen years ago!) Also, it seems that I've started this new job in the midst of a quasi-heat wave here in the city. So, when I took my lunch break around four p. m. on Monday, I didn't want to venture too far. I ended up at Spasso on Perry and Hudson streets.

Having to make my decision quickly (I had to begin prepping for dinner service in less than an hour), I opted for selections from Spasso's $15 prix-fixe lunch menu. For my vegetable selection, I chose the shaved vegetable salad with white anchovies and herbed tonnato. ($9 à la carte) The salad took longer than I'd wished for it to arrive (I was the sole diner in the restaurant), but once it did any ill will was quickly squashed. 

First: it was larger than I'd anticipated from a prix-fixe menu; for a moment, I'd wondered if the bartender had only put in my order for the salad. Second: the salad was absolutely delicious! The white anchovies (which I'd wished the chef was a touch more generous with) were the most delicious anchovies I'd ever tasted. Clearly of a very high grade. And the tonnato (which I'd never tasted before) was a marvelous, lightly-creamy dressing, blending all the ingredients of the salad beautifully.

For my main selection I chose a prosciutto and fontina 'flatbread sandwich.' One thing you can be sure of at Spasso, is that you'll never feel rushed. By the time my sandwich arrived I only had about five minutes to consume it. (hence, no photo) It certainly didn't live up to the shaved vegetable salad, but perhaps that's why I never order sandwiches at restaurants. I'll leave those to the delicatessen.

Spasso, 551 Hudson Street, West Village
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