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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Complete Meal at Trois Canards

pâté maison  

AS previously mentioned, Trois Canards has been my Saturday afternoon lunch spot. Over the past few weeks, I've slowly been able to narrow down what's good (and what's not) on the menus. The pâté maison ($8.95) is as pleasing as it should be and comes with crostini topped with a delightfully-sweet onion salad

la tarte au cèpes

Last weekend, I had the wonderful la tarte au cèpes (porcini mushrooms)! For just $8.95, the rather large tarte could have easily been shared, or considered an entrée. I began with the mushrooms placed at three corners of the tarte, scooped up with a bit of diced tomato; then I cut into the pastry and met with its leek and mushroom filling... and smooth goat cheese center. I finished every last, tasty morsel and could not imagine eating another savory course after that. It was quite possibly equal in size to a main course offered on many prix-fixe menus.

mousse au chocolat

On my last visit, I also selected gâteau de fromage au chocolat (cheese cake topped with chocolate) which I thought was just okay. (the chocolate arrives in a silver boat which I wish would have been poured atop at presentation, rather than just left sitting at the table) If you're looking for variety (and are with a date), order it along with mousse au chocolat--so far, Trois Canards' winning dessert!
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