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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Moment of Respite

some tonic for my toiling soul...

It's been exactly three weeks and one day since I'd assumed role as Social Media & Service Director for █████████ ██████'s Chelsea restaurant, which has proven to be--at times--a rather daunting raison d'être. In fact, I was so worn the night I'd picked up the above-pictured wine that I'm sorry to say, I have little to say on its tasting notes... All I can tell you is that for $9.99--it did the trick (without tasting terrible). However, with the remaining oomph I'd had, I was able to read on the label that it was an AOC. I figured it probably would be decent. (This ends the pity segment.)

Trois Canards

The good news is: I've come accustomed to taking my Saturday afternoon lunch breaks at Trois Canards--a restaurant I'd long been wanting to try.

un mousse au chocolat à Trois Canards

On my first visit, I opted for the $14.95 brunch prix-fixe. My first mistake. I will say nothing of the brunch, other than I do not recommend it. However, the following week I returned to try one of their desserts. The mousse au chocolat with crème anglaise and raspberry coulis. The rather large dessert (easily shared between two) was satisfyingly rich and chocolate-y. Deduct a point for its presentation (and perhaps a little too much crème anglaise), but add one for its $8 price tag. (next weekend, I plan to bring one home for David and me)

I'd nearly forgotten how relaxing dinner at home can be!

Yesterday, I refused to go into the restaurant on my day off (something I'd been doing the last couple of weeks) and I'm glad I didn't because 1) the last time I did I ended up "organizing the wine cellar" for five hours and 2) David made dinner.


We both started with vinho verde "apéritifs" (Casal Garcia is David's choice 'house wine') while David boiled a few eggs. He then topped Wasa crispbread with a mixture of "real mayonnaise" (preservative-free and unsweetened) from Trader Joe's, and Dijon mustard.

the best

I must tell you that for $2.50, Trader Joe's Dijon mustard is the best Dijon I'd ever had--very spicy, just how I like it...

a combination of tastes and textures...

topped with roe, to boot!

We finished dinner (which may seem rather light to some, but David and I are disciples of "French lady") with chocolate sundaes sprinkled with fleur de sel (the caviar of salts!). For now, I'm going to savor the rest of this day off!
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