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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Perfect Wine For A Summer Wedding

Simply chill and serve out-of-doors!

Saturday night, David had asked if I wanted to pick up some wine to go along with dinner. He'd also said, You don't have to, but if you don't you might be sad... I considered it best to go out and pick up a bottle. David wanted either a riesling or something not dry. I didn't want a riesling, so I took the longish walk over to PJ Wine to see what I could see.

FIRST, I checked PJ's bargain bins and within minutes, I came across a one-liter bottle of grüner veltliner for a mere $10.97. Dry it was definitely not and I knew David was at least a slight fan of the varietal. It was in my sack and headed back home with me. After some sped up chilling in a salted ice bath, I poured out our first tastes. Very juicy with just a touch of effervescence. I'd said it'd be the perfect wine for an outdoor summer wedding to which David wholly agreed. Twenty minutes-or-so later, our grüner reached its ideal temperature. It paired well with our salty Ikea herring roe on crackers.
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