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Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Afternoon at Ikea

Last week, I joined my sister, Kim on an afternoon trip to Ikea to browse furniture for her new apartment. After snaking through Ikea's maze of merchandise, we stopped for lunch at the Ikea restaurant. I could hardly contain that it was the highlight of our trip...

 smoked salmon with lime-marinated vegetables

Kim's first time at the restaurant, I had to guide her through the process of picking up a tray, utensils and glasses. The first foods we passed at the grab-and-go cases were scrumptious-looking dishes of smoked salmon. I simply could not resist! I also picked up a small, fresh mesclun salad and a roll with butter. A simple, black coffee completed my meal.

Ikea marketplace was our next stop

The salmon plate was as delicious as it looked, if not more, and my mesclun salad was perfect! After downing the last of my coffee, Kim and I proceeded through the Ikea marketplace on our way out. We only had a moment to grab handfuls of goodies before rush hour traffic back into Manhattan would begin. I more or less managed to find all of my marketplace staples (although I didn't find any punschrulle).

cardamom crisp rolls, $2.49

Of course, I had to pick up some Ikea "caviar" at just $1.99 a piece and along with that, a tube of salmon spread, for $2.59. (I later found out that tångkorn is vegan caviar... explaining why it wasn't so good)

all you need is some crème fraîche and crackers!

I also picked up the largest wheel of cheese I'd ever bought--hushållsost (Swedish "household cheese"), for $17.99. Near the cardamom crisp rolls (David's favorite) I also found gooseberry preserves, for $3.99.

rare enough to be considered a luxury

Kim and I also picked out a few different chocolate bars, and a sleeve of butter cookies, before selecting last, but not least: Swedish meatballs for David.

Swedish meatballs, $6.99

When David and I first discovered Ikea's marketplace, several years ago, we'd both become instant fans. It's not uncommon for David, or I, to make a once-a-year "Ikea marketplace run"--it especially comes in handy when entertaining guests!

Ikea runs a free shuttle to their Elizabeth store, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 2:30pm, leaving from the Port Authority Bus Terminal
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