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Monday, December 26, 2011

Thanks, Perl Girl Baking Co.!

This year I brought last-minute shopping to a whole new level--luckily my "gem" of a friend, Joanna at Perl Girl Baking Co., saved the holiday!

Perl Girl rugelach hits the Deep South!

For David and his family, who were spending the holiday in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Perl Girl shipped a one pound box of "original" rugelach (cinnamon, sugar, walnuts and currants) just in time for Christmas morning breakfast!

the best shot I could get--our savory rugelach 
were going fast!

And for Mom and Dad--whom doctor had ordered: no sugar--a special order of "savory" rugelach in three varieties: ham and cheddar; salmon and dill; and mushroom, walnut and parmesan (first and second, pictured above). As I'd hoped, Mom and Dad generously shared their rugelach with the rest of the family and popping the two-bite sized tidbits was simply irresistible! It's too bad there were none left to pair with the champagne we enjoyed later that evening...
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