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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Visit from (and to) Macau

Yesterday, a very dear friend of David and mine came for brunch--all the way from Macau! David and I were up early...

hors d'œuvre by David

onion frittata topped with parmesan and mayonnaise

cilantro salad with parmesan and mixed greens

scalloped potatoes with ham and Brie

After David completed all his prep-work, he began making a fresh roux for the scalloped potatoes. The carefully attended to roux paid off well, making the potatoes ultra-rich and creamy! We all enjoyed second, third... and fourth helpings before the final course, "molten center" oatmeal muffins!

molasses and brown sugar oatmeal muffins

David's oatmeal muffins are a treat he likes to make often, but this time he made them "extra good," sweetening them with molasses and raw brown sugar. And as usual, he cooked them just long enough, leaving a "molten center" and inserted a tiny scoopful of vanilla bean ice cream!

DAVID and Christine got to enjoy the rest of their afternoon off, while I went to work... only to meet them later that evening at Macao Trading Co. (now, simply known as "Macao").

pork chop bun with salted egg yolks

We had some late reservations at the restaurant, so by the time I'd arrived, David and Christine were already enjoying some food and drinks. Yet, I wasted no time ordering for myself: a glass of Zardetto prosecco ($10) and a pork chop bun ($12) from the late night menu.

happy to be off work

The pork chop bun was "tasty enough" and not too restaurant-y (my second half had a huge slice of bone in it!). But I wish I had remembered (from the menu) that the sauce on the side was salted egg yolks; I probably would have enjoyed them more. (I couldn't figure out exactly what the sauce was and refrained from using it halfway through)

prawn chips at "Macao"

Since I had pilfered some bites of David and Christine's fried rice and African chicken, I decided to order some prawn chips ($6) "for the table." The crispy-fried chips were served with "garlic aioli" which I also, at the time, could not recall and David and I collectively decided it was mustard with ginger. (ultimately, I think we were close--it seemed to be, merely, spicy brown mustard with shredded garlic) David was a fan of the crackly chips and I--although not at first--soon followed suit in approval...

LATER that night, David and I were hankering after "something sweet" and decided to make a pit stop at the Mercer Kitchen café for a late-night cookie plate.

cookie plate at Mercer Kitchen

Upon receiving the dessert, I'd noticed they added two miniature macarons to the cookie plate--so small that they literally crackup when you pick them up! And I also noticed they replaced the double-chocolate cookie (my favorite!) with an oatmeal cookie and removed the coconut macaroon! Sad to say, Mercer Kitchen had left me feeling slightly disappointed, once again...
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