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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tea Time with Mr. Musto at Mercer Café

how many desserts do you count?

Last Thursday ended up being an unseasonably cold and rainy day, but I'd previously made plans to pick up Mr. Musto's latest 'dish,' Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back, at the Greenwich Village Barnes & Noble; my trusty silver umbrella would have to suffice...

ONCE I'd had the book tucked safely in the nether of my bag, I decided to stop at Mercer Kitchen café to partake in "high tea" (served 3:30-5:30). What I had specifically had in mind was two of their (miniature) coffee eclairs--delectably sweet and creamy! But to my unfortunate dismay, my server informed that they were no longer offering eclairs.

"... we've been playing around with the tea menu."

Sounds to me like somebody wasn't playing nice! I instead settled upon the light-sounding flourless almond cake.

where are the almonds?

Now I'm not claiming to be an authority in pastry arts, but I'm pretty sure that what I was served was a flourless chocolate cake, not a flourless almond cake. (unless it was severely burned!) And, alas, it was rather disappointing. I only hope Mercer Kitchen continues to "play with" their high tea menu until the coffee eclairs return. Until then, I'll enjoy Mr. Musto's sinfully sweet dish...
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