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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Terrific Dinner at Todd English's Plaza Food Hall!

wonderful boquerones at The Plaza Food Hall

I just arrived home from a wonderful dinner at The Plaza Food Hall by Todd English. I'd been to the Food Hall a handful of times for takeout, but never before for a proper, sit down meal. Always pleased with the food (and perhaps even more with the reasonable prices) in the past, I decided the Food Hall would be a perfect choice for dinner with friends who were staying at the nearby Hudson Hotel.

I'd made a reservation for three, earlier that day and upon arriving, the pleasant hostess seated my friends and me at a central communal table positioned in between the bar and the raw bar. I began dinner with a glass of house sparkling, Valdo prosecco ($9) and was pleasantly surprised by its clean, crisp taste. The three of us, somewhat overwhelmed by a rather extensive menu, agreed upon starting the meal with a charcuterie board to share. Our selections: (cheesesmorbier (cow), aged goat gouda and fleur de maquis (sheep); (cured meats) prosciutto.

The aged gouda had an intense, deep flavor while the fleur de maquis was wonderfully herbaceous! And the freshly sliced prosciutto was unexpectedly soft and moist. Having quite a bit of trouble deciding upon a main course, I decided to go with two smaller dishes instead: fried oysters with crème fraiche and caviar and boquerones.

fried oysters on the half shell

I was glad to have tried the fried oysters, but don't think I'll be ordering them again. However, the boquerones, as simple a dish as it may have been, was a stellar knockout! (although I may be a bit biased, I'm mad about anchovies) The combination of toasted garlic, parsley and evoo marrying with the anchovies atop grilled baguette slices worked wonderfully well.

Three proseccos and several shared plates later, I couldn't consume another bite and I walked my friends back to their hotel where I parted with them, calling it a night. For them: an early a. m. wake up call awaited. For me: just plain overindulgence...
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