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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brunch with Dinah

For some reason, when I woke up this a. m., I was in the mood for a little Dinah. Watch this clip, below, of her cuttin' up with old-time hipsters:

Once I'd had my fill, I went to making preparations for brunch.

extra dry prosecco "superiore" from
Columbus Circle Wines & Sprits

Last night after work, I stopped (once again) at Columbus Cirlce Wines & Spirits and picked up the bottle of  Carpenè Malvolti extra dry prosecco which I had previously pondered there. ($16) I, again, compared it with a couple of cavas, and the deciding factor ended up being that it was a "D.O.C." bottle. After extracting the cork, I poured myself a sample for a "swril, smell and a taste." It had a very attractive "foam floater" (which quickly bubbles down).


My initial notes: a little yeast on the nose and decent acid on the palate. I'd originally planned on mimosas with the sparkler, but I thought it too "fine" and instead decided upon enjoying it unaltered...

feta, red onion and diced tomato omelette

For this weekend's brunch, I decided to make a "pot luck omelette" using ingredients from a leftover Greek salad I'd had in the refrigerator. (waste not, want not) Aesthetically, my afterthought was to not have added the tomatoes, but they ended up being a helpful ingredient in the omelette. Being that my brunch-for-one was as impromptu as it usually is, the dessert course consisted simply of Stella D'oro anisette toasts, "peanut crunch breakup" and cinnamon-spiced milk.

nothing fancy, but this'll do

But for now, I have to get ready to meet a dear old friend, in town on an impromptu visit. Drinks begin at seven at the Library Bar in the Hudson Hotel (one of my favorite cocktail lounges in the city).
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