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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Old Man's Sp☆rkle

David finally returned home Friday afternoon, from his week-long "June in Buffalo" music festival. Of course, I had to pick up some bubbly for the occasion.

I decided to pick up wine at Heights Wine & Spirits; I like to patronize businesses that I've personally been invited to return to. Yency, the owner, was there to welcome me upon entering. He promptly introduced me to his partner who helped me select a wine for the evening. The winning selection: The Old Man’s, "sparkle" brut, South Africa. ($24)

a good sparkler with character

The main attraction--for me--of this wine was its yeastiness! It's the most wonderfully-yeasty sparkler I've had to date! And, as Yency had said it would, it had a beautiful salmon color.

elegant color

The photo doesn't capture its real-life shade, but I'd never seen a wine with such beautiful color before! At $24, and about $10 less than a bottle of Veuve (depending on where you shop), I'd much rather opt for this Old Man's sparkle! Or perhaps, throwing a party, I'd stock an ice bucket filled with a few different types of champagne plus a couple of Old Man's Sparkles--for good measure.

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