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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Frugal & Easy Summer Pleaser

 a vermouth & tonic cocktail with salted rim

Today was even hotter than yesterday, but nonetheless, I had already pre-planned my post-work cooler: (white) vermouth & tonic cocktails!


  • Cinzano extra dry/bianco vermouth
  • Schweppes tonic water
  • Fleur de sel (flake sea salt)
  • Lime
  • Ice cubes
  • Tall, narrow glass


  • Pre-frost glass in freezer for at least 40-45 minutes; remove glass from freezer and allow to frost over (about 10 seconds) then press the rim into the fleur de sel. 
  • Carefully drop one ice cube at a time (taking care to not knock off the sea salt) into the glass, filling it.
  • Fill the glass: 2 parts vermouth, 1 part tonic water.
  • Squeeze 3-4 drops of lime into the drink. 
  • Swizzle and serve immediately!

What are some of your favorite "beat the heat" coolers?
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