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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nigori Crème de Sake

Nigori unfiltered traditional sake

It was a long and hot day (95°) here in Manhattan and as soon as I arrived home I opened the bottle of Nigori crème de sake (which I'd had chilling in our 'fridge') which Cynthia had brought over from De Wine Spot. Of course, I would have liked to have saved it for a "more appropriate" occasion/pairing, but I did just have some futomaki thirty minutes earlier...

I shook the bottle thoroughly to blend the settled rice at the bottom and poured myself a glass. (let's see how many sins I can commit in one night) The crème de sake was certainly creamy and sweet--but not cloyingly so. It would probably pair best with spicy foods. Now I don't consider myself a big sake fan, but of all the sakes I've tasted, this one was my favorite (or at least the most interesting). I would say, however, that De Wine Spot has the best selection of sake I'd ever seen near or far.

De Wine Spot, 428 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn
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