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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Live Blogging - 4


Today is the second day in a row in which I got to sleep in--oh the luxury! At around noon, I decided it was time for lunch.

I finally decided to open the pesto genovese, from Mario Batali's Eataly, which I'd been holding onto for quite some time...

with Genoa basil, cheese and nuts

David said it was top-notch while I, although liking it as well, didn't think it compared to the homemade pesto my friend's mother makes.

A working marriage

However, it paired well with fresh, toasted baguette and I also enjoyed a musty Rosenborg-Castello Danish blue cheese and quince cheese over Wasa crispbread. Of course, I paired it all with wine--a slightly effervescent Cavit moscato which David picked up on his way home from rehearsal at Juilliard last night.
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