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Friday, June 17, 2011

A "Fauchon" Token of Appreciation

for a job well done

LAST night, my boss surprised me with a box of Fauchon gianduja chocolates, in appreciation for a "job well done" on a rather busy Thursday night. I later learned just how special the chocolates are--they're extremely hard to find in the U. S.; as a matter of fact, there's only one "listed" retailer that carries them and it's  speculated that Fauchon plans to stop exporting their products outside of Paris...

of course,
some bubbly,
for a Friday evening...
On my way home, I picked up a bottle of "Tutela" prosecco from Heights Wine & Spirits, partly because it was the last bottle, partly because it was labeled as an "aromatic" wine. (I also confirmed with Yency that it was a dry prosecco) It certainly was a decent prosecco, even carrying a hint of acid and "moussiness." $12.

With the warm weather, David announced we would be having a cold "mezze" for dinner. First: sliced Persian cucumbers on Wasa crispbreads with pesto and mayonnaise.

 & delicious!

I never did like cucumbers very much, but after last night, I realized, that I am a fan of Persian cucumbers. (as with tomatoes, I only like heirloom) David also enlisted the Persian cucumbers in his own variation of Cynthia's tzatziki sauce, using more chopped mint plus a dash of lemon. We enjoyed it along with a pink bean and (Italian) parsely dip, both served with round crackers and sesame pretzel rods. Just before our final course: a plate of capers berries and white semisoft cheese...

we ♥ caper berries

Finally, it was time for the Fauchon!

David's cinnamon-dusted plate...

an elegant surprise!

David was having a 'mind-blowing' experience, in response to the chocolates and while I was content with having just a few, David insisted on going out to buy more wine to enjoy the rest of the chocolates with...

we returned with Segura Viudas extra dry,
my "house" favorite

It wasn't long before all that was left of the evening was its skeletons and delectable memories...

gianduja - 30% hazelnut paste
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