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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brunch with Tallulah

Cynthia was as late as Tallulah Bankhead for brunch. But that's alright; being late is a lady's right...

a lady in the house requires fresh linens...

followed by her favorite Greek caviar spread, Taramosalata!

We began brunch late lunch with a pair of sparkling white vermouth & tonic cocktails, garnished with lime and fleur de sel rims (which paired well with the Taramosalata). Next on the menu was my cinnamon-spiced cool mango soup. We paired it with a light Spanish white wine Cynthia had brought from De Wine Spot.

Our main course consisted of fresh assorted nigiri (I was thinking "cool" in terms of menu) followed by a green salad topped with julienned cucumbers, red onions and a homemade mustard-vinaigrette dressing.

"miniature" green salad with a mustard vinaigrette

We didn't get around to trying the Nigori crème de sake Cynthia had also brought from De Wine Spot, but I told her I'd save it for when David returned home from tour...

Trying to come up with a menu at 3 a. m. is difficult enough; it wasn't until about 12:30 this afternoon that I decided I'd treat Cynthia to a Kenny Bakery "sugar donut," along with Nirvana organic Belgian dark chocolate squares, with dried cranberries--for good measure.

"plain donut" at Kenny Bakey and Belgian dark
chocolate sauares with dried cranberries

For now, I'm thinking of checking out Susanne's Bartsch's new "Le Bain" party atop Andre Balazs' The Standard hotel. That'll only require one double espresso and a bathing suit!
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