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Monday, May 2, 2011

My (Culinary) Week in Review

Since David returned home from Europe last Saturday, I've seemed to be having a busy week...

LATE, Friday night I went to a party in the financial district with my good friend, Andres, where I discovered the tastiness of a Carr's water cracker topped with blue cheese, goat cheese and caviar--perhaps I'd had one too many proseccos. The following evening, David arrived home and I welcomed him with a fig and prosciutto pizza, which I'd brought home from work, plus fried queso blanco and a dill omelette made by me.

Easter preparations

SUNDAY, David and I headed west to attend Easter Sunday at my sister's house in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I went with plenty of drinking provisions in tow, both still and sparkling, while David brought goodies from Holland...

Advocaat-filled chocolate eggs

David and I returned home with my Aunt Michelle's homemade crème brûlée (I'm still waiting for her baba au rhum!) and plenty of pickled eggs and beets. (my sister knows how much I love them)

Nearly my daily lunch since Easter...

LAST night, David had a couple of friends over for an "asparagus themed" dinner. The first course included: roasted prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.

scored and marinated for extra flavor

And for the main: a potato, fried-feta and dill fritatta with a blanched asparagus salad, along with a bottle of ribera del duero brought by Evelyn.

the key is in frying the feta first

nice and spicy, with lots of character--
similar to that of a tempranillo

For dessert, David's wonderfully creamy homemade corn pudding...

so simple, yet so good

followed by coconut clusters from Kenny Bakery and Dominican chocolate dulce squares.

a two course dessert!

Later that night, while readying for bed, I heard the news from David.

Monday morning's paper
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