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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Wa Project Photography Auction at 25CPW

Basquiat & Warhol by Ricky Powell, NYC, 1985

Last Thursday, I headed downtown to Central Park West for the Wa Project Photography Auction which was catered by Blue Ribbon Sushi and Sapporo.

I'd arrived early to an already "buzzing" atmosphere. After making a donation at the door, I lined up for a little sushi and refreshment. A couple in front of me was discussing which pieces they were going to ask for and I decided I'd do the same.

inarizushi, shrimp tempura and ?

I'd not been to Blue Ribbon Sushi since a Japanese friend had taken me there in 1998. I'd spent years looking for the unmarked restaurant and it wasn't until last year that I realized that it was Blue Ribbon Sushi she'd taken me to. A native Japanese, she was excited about taking me to "the best sushi in NYC." But being young (nineteen) and not yet a foodie... I ordered steak.

So I've never actually had Blue Ribbon sushi, but I've a sneaking suspicion that the event was actually catered by another restaurateur.

The sushi wasn't as extraordinary as one would expect from the Bromberg brothers, and at the sushi line were business cards for another Japanese restaurant which was not Blue Ribbon. Perhaps something unavoidable had come up, last minute, and they had to pull out...

folk band Thomas Wesley Stern

As I examined photographs on display and milled about, American folk band Thomas Wesley Stern began tuning up for some live entertainment. I ran into a few Blue Ribbon employees whom I'd chatted with over Sapporo-and-sakes and also met a friendly reporter, Kaoru Komi, from the Japanese press. She asked if I was going to bid on any pieces that evening and I expressed interest in one in particular. Later that night I did bid on the piece, but was outbid...

Buffalo Ranch Oklahoma 2007 by Becky Holladay

It wasn't long before 25CPW gallery was at capacity and about halfway through the evening, the organizers stopped for a brief discussion about Wa Project and to thank the artists and contributors.

full house at 25CPW

Shortly thereafter, I had to skip out to meet some friends in Hell's Kitchen where we later ended up at Nizza for late night snacks. I, of course, ordered an extra anchovy pizza, my new "usual"...

anchovy pizza at Nizza

anchovy pizza at work

Daniel thought we should order a bottle and as the sommelier in the group, I, of course, had to pick out the wine. Veuve Clicquot seemed to be the "economical" choice (a lady was present so it had to be champagne--prosecco wouldn't do). I actually would have preferred a Moët & Chandon or Perrier-Jouët, but after all the Sapporo-and-sakes I'd had at the auction, I probably wouldn't have noticed much of a difference anyway... It was a fine night.

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