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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mediterranean | Magic

Wednesday, was my brunch date with Cynthia.

We had originally planned on picnicking in Central Park, but had gotten rained out. After picking up some "Mediterranean" fare from Flip in midtown (I had a certificate I'd been wanting to use), I headed southeast to Brooklyn. Cynthia and I had spoken the evening before and had decided that a rosé wine would be a suitable companion for our cuisine.

courtesy of De Wine Spot; by way of Long Island

The wine was nice: juicy with a crisp, clean taste. And Cynthia had it chilled to the perfect degree. We began our brunch with a "standard" Greek salad, topped with stuffed grape leaves.

fair fare

Also picked up at Flip was a hummus and flatbread starter, served with crudité and olives--nothing to rave about. For our main course, I chose two of Flip's "Signature Burgers:" The Eastern Burger, exotic lamb blend with an herbal yogurt sauce and a tandoori onion ring rolled in a traditional naan flatbread, served with chubby fries topped with caramelized onions (I substituted skinny fries with fresh pesto) and the Zorburger, blended turkey burger with olive tapenade and feta cheese on an organic caramelized onion & fresh sage brioche (served with a side Greek salad).

The Eastern Burger and Zorburger, respectively (halves)

I must say that I did enjoy the burgers. The Eastern Burger had a very distinct taste--"gamey," Cynthia had called it--and the Zorburger contained a hearty helping of feta and a working marriage of its ingredients. The only thing I could have done without was the oversized "tandoori" onion ring, which made the burger seem a bit tacky.

... and the pesto fries

I was glad to have substituted The Eastern Burger's "chubby" fries for "skinny" pesto fries; I couldn't picture the former pairing well with rosé. The pesto fries seemed a bit wet, but that may have just been from the long journey from midtown to East Williamsburg.

The following evening, I had some time to kill after work while David met with his manager at our apartment; I decided to try someplace new and ended up at Robert, nine floors above Columbus Circle, atop the Museum of Arts and Design.

magical atmosphere

I'd just come from both a gallery reception and a wine tasting and just wanted something light. (wine is food) After scrolling over the wine list and choosing a glass of Vincenzo Toffoli prosecco ($11), I decided upon grilled flatbread--cannellini beans, portobello mushroom and ricotta salata ($13).

happy family

The flatbread was a little smaller than I'd expected, but more filling. As I worked on my "entrée" (seated in the lounge area), a runner brought a small basket of bread and some softened butter. (the multigrain rolls are best) Thirty short minutes later, I thanked the (highly accommodating) maître d' and headed back downstairs, in the elevator, to the ground floor.

I'm already planning my next visit to Robert!
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