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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Live Blogging

SI had plenty of work to do at home today I'm off today and didn't have much to do besides eat and blog about it. (at least I'm going to Central Park for brunch tomorrow) I had pickled beet finger sandwiches, not for lunch today, but rather brunch. (does that make lunch "dinner"?)

For my second meal of the day, I assembled for myself a cheese and vegetable plate.

the frugal gourmet

Once again, I had pickled beets, sprinkled with fleur de sel; freshly toasted breads; some feta and "Le Châtelain" camembert; and a small scoop of Maille dijon to accompany the beets. The toasts helped to cut some of the camembert's strength and the Maille dijon tasted interestingly sweet against the pickled beets.

a pretty pair

My "vegetarian charcuterie plate" was perfect and probably cost me less than $3 total. I finished my late lunch with a warm Côte d'Or café mocha.

I haven't planned dinner yet.
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