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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Step Up...

Early, Sunday morning, David left for a one week "mini-tour" and recording session in upstate New York with new music ensemble, Signal. But before leaving, he made me (authentic) cheese grits for dinner.

green beans and grits

He made the cheese grits using grits he'd picked up from The Gourmet Shop (during our recent trip to Columbia) and topped the grits with freshly shaved Bel Gioioso parmesan. Served on the side were David's leftover (David's leftovers are always good!) haricots verts in whole grain mustard dressing--of which he shared with me the secret ingredients: molasses and fresh lime juice. David's cooking always impresses me, but where he really hits the nail on the head is with his dressings. He can whip up a mean vinaigrette in a matter of minutes!

~ ~ ~
Monday night found me craving some bubbly...

I once again was sticking to a prix-fixe budget and decided to browse the "bargain bins" at PJ Wine. What I found was Dibon Brut "Reserve" cava. (I place reserve within quotes because one thing I learned from wine class is that anyone can label a wine as coming from their "reserve" cuvées...)

Dibon cava, $7.97

Once home, I placed the cava and a champagne flute in the freezer while I assembled a rather "impromptu" dinner of saltine crackers, sliced parmesan and strained yogurt with a dollop of raspberry jam.

Much better than last week's "bargain bin" dinner.

My first impression of the Dibon was: quite dry with a moussy finish and a slight hint of acid. My "dinner" (I'd had a heavy and late brunch) was pleasant enough and only enhanced with fresh table linens and periodicals... The moral of tonight's dinner? No need for bad bubbly--even when on a budget!
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