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Sunday, September 13, 2015

"The Dish" - A Short Story (in Series), Pt. 3


P. Bradley: pbradley@brown.edu                                                        7/31/13

Prof. McKendry!

As my writing mentor, I wanted to ask you a question. I took your advice about staying relevant in food media, and I've been in contact with Gourmand about writing for them... but it's turning into a game of email tag (of sorts); one editor responded, but told me to contact another editor which has yet to reply. I've been following up with this second editor weekly, but it seems that she's not interested (at the moment). Should I continue with my method of emailing her once a week to follow up, or would it be bad form to keep pestering her?

Hope all is well with you...

On July 31, 2013, at 6:22 PM, jmckendry@brown.edu wrote:

Hello Pat! 
The best thing you can do is send the editor some story ideas. They have lots of space to fill and if you make their lives easier by proposing things you could write for them, they will quickly start assigning you things as well.
Don't worry about them stealing your story ideas. It is terrible form and nobody does it. It's just not done. 
Good luck!

To be continued. 
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