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Monday, October 21, 2013

Is It Wedding Season?

OR did David and I start a trend?

I'm only kidding of course, but it certainly did feel like a whirlwind of weddings in the weeks following our own...

NEARING the end of September, David and I made the trip to Bronxville, via the Metro-North rail, for the wedding of a fellow colleague of his. It was a beautiful "garden party" wedding, complete with the brides wearing their own custom tea dresses. An afternoon wedding, the cocktail hour began with both bloody Marys and a decadent peach sangria, but in usual fashion I opted to begin with a mimosa. The wedding luncheon was a self-serve smorgasbord which included two chefs offering fresh fish tacos and both sweet and savory crêpes. While I sipped sparkling rosé throughout the sit-down portion of my meal, it was soon time for the cutting of the cake, made of alternating tiers of sponge and carrot cake (I waited, patiently, for the latter). Following the pattern for the savory courses, the dessert course also consisted of a variety of options, including a tiered chocolate fondue fountain!

LESS than one month following was the wedding of my sister, Kim, to her husband, Derek. As Kim was in my wedding party (nearly three months prior), I was also in hers as one of her "bridesmen." Being a bridesman, I was in the loop of many of the wedding-planning details including hair and makeup trials (Kim's updo was called, "playful Gatsby") and floral arrangements (I urged her to use the most local and in-season varieties). Post-ceremony, Kim and Derek were whisked away in a vintage (premiere model) Chevy Impala which transported them to their nearby reception hall. After a short photo shoot, a cocktail hour preceded toasts by the wedding party and a sit-down dinner. Yet some of the biggest wows of the evening came at the arrangement of the "fall dessert bar," all handmade by Kim's dear (and visibly talented) friend, Angela Guttilla.

At the dessert bar, I snapped no less than fourteen photos of dessert tray after dessert tray--each one being more impressive than the last! Yet, it was the kid in me that was really drawn to these red and white rum balls (or perhaps the adult being drawn to the rum)!

There were so many things to choose from that--looking again at the photos--I'd missed a few that I'd wanted to try! Perhaps it was a good thing that my dessert plate had a built-in portion control...

But all culinary chat aside, I was truly honored to be a part of such special days... Happy wishes to both of the happy couples!

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