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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Wild's mozzarella, ricotta and truffle oil flatbread

LAST week, after a several-month hiatus, I decided I'd give Wild another try. I wanted a quick lunch and headed directly to the bar for what I'd hoped would be quicker service. I was immediately greeted by the manager on duty who informed me about the brunch items also available. Noticing a somewhat tweaked menu since my last visit, I opted for the "wild white" flatbread.

I was impressed by the (somewhat overzealous) manager who was constantly darting about, ensuring things ran according to his (very specific) specifications. (But, he'd probably run a tighter ship if he improved his demeanor with his staff.) In addition to the flatbread, I also ordered the homemade hummus served with gluten-free toast sticks, which was nothing to write home about; as requested, it arrived along with my flatbread.

the hummus on the previous menu was better

Recalling what I'd previously referred to as a Pangaea-like shape, I was immediately impressed with what appeared to be a very uniformly-shaped flatbread! At first taste, the flatbread seemed significantly improved since my last visit (although still a bit lacking in salt); and this time around, I didn't mind the gluten-free, vegan crust all that much. A new service they've added at Wild is supplying all of their flatbread-ordering customers with olive oil and crushed red pepper (very Neapolitan) of which I'd deftly made use!

wild mushroom truffle flatbread

About a third of the way into my meal, I was joined by a fellow co-worker who'd ordered the wild mushroom truffle flatbread. After first receiving the wrong flatbread, he prompted me to taste some of his. "Yours is so much better!" Hence, I returned yesterday, in hopes of reliving the moment... alas, my wild mushroom flatbread arrived less appetizing-looking than the one I'd previously tasted and its mushrooms were less fresh. Yet, I reminded myself that I was eating at a gluten-free (which I am not) restaurant. Perhaps I was hungrier last week.
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