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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Busy As a Bee

Detailing stations pre-dinner service

SINCE the reopening of my restaurant exactly two months ago... nine shifts in one week is not unheard of for me. Over a late-night dinner with a close friend at Nougatine, I haven't even noticed anything on your blog! It's true--perhaps I have been working myself a bit too hard, but it also feels good to be a part of such a closely-knit team.

My "5-close" crew

But camaraderie's not the only perk.

Last week I was awarded a magnum of blanc de blancs sparkling wine from Sprakling Pointe winery for selling the most glasses of Sparkling Pointe in a week!

I sold fifteen glasses. The runner up sold two.

I was thrilled when I'd learned I was the winner of the magnum, but I also kind of knew that I would be (the contest really unleashed my competitive streak). Now I just have to decide when and where to pop the cork off!

Start spreading the news...

The other thing that's kept me preoccupied the past several weeks is planning for the wedding! I have to admit that David and I have, somewhat, been slacking in the planning department, but as of now more than ninety percent of our wedding invitations have been addressed, stamped and mailed. (Phew!) For now, I think I'll save the blanc de blancs for a toast at the reception.
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