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Friday, March 8, 2013

Back to Work!

TODAY marks exactly twenty-five days since my fellow FOH (and BOH) teammates returned to our usual posts at our West Village restaurant. It certainly is great to be back and we've all been having so much fun that it's almost easy to forget just how much our restaurant had gone through.

The damage done to the restaurant in the wake of hurricane Sandy caused nearly 
half-million-dollar overhaul

I was also reminded today, on my lunch break, of how nostalgic I can sometimes get over eateries I've frequented...

It's good to be back at Slice--
"the perfect food"

Since returning to my "home restaurant," I've (luckily) only worked a handful of doubles. More often that not, I end up at Slice--just steps away from the restaurant--during breaktime. Last weekend, in a tired bout of extreme hunger, I ordered two dishes without nearly a second thought. As I made my way through my starter, I soon realized that I'd ordered too much food. (I also realized I'll never have a red eye with dinner again!)

Slice's trio of house-made hummus
(minus edamame hummus)

I'd ordered the hummus trio as my starter and was instantly impressed as I'd tasted some of the best hummus I'd ever had! The three varieties included classic, sun-dried tomato and edamame. I didn't care so much for the edamame variety, so during today's lunch break I simply asked for a double portion of the tomato hummus. 

Today, I also selected a slice of the "yuri" pizza (yet I shouldn't call it pizza, but rather flatbread) topped with truffled ricotta, mushroom and local fresh mozzarella. It's one of their better pizzas. (Can we also talk about how much I hate the word "truffled"? It's a noun my dears, not a verb.)

Everyday I'm trufflin'!
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