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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Lovely Wedding

Saturday, I had the honor and privilege of attending the wedding of my high school "bff." I must say that she was truly the most beautiful bride I had ever seen...

the groom's father was also his best man

The wedding was held at Perona Farms, in Andover, New Jersey, a landmark estate that once lodged the rich and famous such as Joe DiMaggio, Ethel Merman, Groucho Marx, Betsy Von Furstenberg, Dorothy Lamour, Helen Hayes, Eva Gabor, John Carradine, and Errol Flynn--just to name a few.

the famous "farm" in its heyday

The wedding began at 4:30 in the afternoon, although my sister--who was my date for the affair--and I didn't know that we'd arrived a half hour early. During that time, we briefly strolled the grounds and chatted with the bride's father. Nearer to 5 o'clock, the ceremony began, with the bride descending the grand staircase to "Lara's Theme," the basis of the song, "Somewhere My Love." Post ceremony, a brief cocktail hour was held where Kim and I enjoyed free-flowing champagne and hors d'œuvre--my favorite being the savory spiced pumpkin "shooter" with apple cider foam. Soon, it was time to enter the grand ballroom for dinner.

a lovely salad

As succeeding dishes came and went, we all seemed to be having too much fun... and before we knew it, our attention was being called to the cutting of the (might I add, adorable) cake.

a well-guided hand

in memory of the late "Bun,"
the couple's wedding was rabbit-themed

After finally finding an opportunity to dance with the bride, I returned to my seat for the final course.

cake and treats!

Turning attention toward my plate, I was delightfully surprised by a trio of assorted treats alongside my slice of cake. First, I tasted the petit four which had double, thin layers of marzipan! Next, I tasted the chocolate-shelled "tart," filled with a rum whipped cream. Lastly, I nibbled on a chocolate-covered butter cookie before finally moving on to the cake which was frosted with a decadently creamy and buttery frosting.

As the night drew to its close, I was sad to part, but happy to wish the bride and her groom well...
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