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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sofia! I've Found It!

Sofia "Coppola," California, blanc de blancs

Ever since tasting this wine in one of my wine classes back in August, I've been in search of it ever since. I'd finally found it the other night at Home of Cheers Corp. in Chelsea.

UPON entering, I noticed only one smallish refrigerator, behind the counter, stocked with just a few bottles of Moët. I'd asked if they were all their chilled sparkling wines and the "gentleman" behind the counter directed me to a larger case at the opposite end of the store. --"Right side."

I crouched down and scanned all the wines on the bottom shelf from right to left. When he spied this, "I said right side!" (sheesh!) I was happily surprised to find a row of "Sofias," wrapped in pink cellophane on the far, right side. I'd asked how much the Sofia was... to no response. I asked again and met the reply, "On top." I saw no price on the top of the bottle and informed the wineseller to which he sharply replied, "On top! Price on top of case. Very easy!" Not much of a charmer...

I was rung up for the $21.99 bottle and was headed on my way. I don't think I'll be returning there again unless it's to pick up a bottle of Sofia. (decent price for the Sofia, but there were other bottles selling for twice as much as at my usual liquor stores)

ARRIVING home, I quickly extracted the cork and poured myself a taste. Heavy, perfume-y notes of dried flowers. It paired well with our dessert--sweeter than the wine--giving it a drier edge. I definitely wouldn't mind picking up this bottle again, but wouldn't mind finding it elsewhere!

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