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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Items from our Giveaway featured in the December issue of Food & Wine!

I wasn't expecting to open my current issue of Food & Wine and find a story about Lior Lev Sercarz, "spiceologist to the stars" staring back at me. But nonetheless... I'm so glad I did; I couldn't be more excited about the spices we're offering in our latest giveaway!

Pierre Poivre and Cancale are Food & Wine's top two picks 

Author Susan Choi speaks of a custom blend--made specially for her--by Mr. Sercarz: 
Over the next several days, I used the blend with striped bass, lamb and tofu; with eggplant, cauliflower, potatoes and Lebanese flatbread; with eggs, okra and chickpeas... I went through half the sizable jar and cooked nothing that didn't taste good.
If you're not one of the lucky few (excluding his thirty-five celebrity chef-clients) for which Mr. Sercarz has custom-blended for, perhaps you should take part in our latest giveaway which includes three of his top spices!
N. 7 PIERRE POIVRE - Named for an 18th-century French horticulturist and spice trader, this floral blend of eight types of peppercorns is good on steak or a log of chèvre.
N. 11 CANCALE - The fennel seed, dried orange peel and fleur de sel in this delicate mix are delicious on baked fish. They're even better, though, sprinkled on dark chocolate.
N. 5 BREEZE - The combination of tea leaves with anise and lemon creates a zesty floral blend perfect for fish and seafood as well as duck and even desserts. Try sprinkling a bit of the blend into your mixed greens. 
One winner will be announced on December 5th. Good luck!
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