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Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Fish at Moran's

Saturday, New York was hit with an unwelcome mix of wintry weather; it was the first time I'd seen snowmen before Halloween. At the peak of the storm, I was working a double and only had enough courage to run to nearby Moran's for lunch.

lemon meringue pie at Moran's

Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by the well groomed maître d'. Taking my surroundings in, I was quite surprised by the beauty of it all! (you'd never guess such a gem was hidden behind Moran's ultra unassuming facade) At the end of the entrance stood an elegant arrangement of fresh flowers and and adjacent to that, a fireplace ablaze where many diners seemed to be clustering. And on opposite sides of the dining room, shiny copper pots hung and glass paned cabinets displayed sparkling crystal ware.

At the bar, I was greeted by the bartender who asked if I'd like to start with a drink. I decided upon a glass of "house champagne" ($8) which wasn't as bad as it should could have been. Perusing the (brunch) menu, I finally decided upon fish & chips. ($15)

fresh fish & chips

There seemed to be a slight delay in the arrival of my entrée, but when it finally arrived I was pleased with the results. The fish, albeit a bit overcooked, was fresh and flaky; I'm convinced it wasn't a frozen fillet. And the chips were satisfying too. After clearing my plate away, the bartender asked if I'd like anything else. I asked for the dessert menu. A moment later, he returned with a tray displaying all of the days offerings--how old school! I decided upon lemon meringue pie

As I enjoyed my dessert, a server--who had been periodically chatting with me throughout my lunch--poured me a glass of port (on the house). They really know how to charm you at Moran's!
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