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Friday, September 30, 2011

Surprising Goodness at 5 Napkin Burger

Tonight, I went to the modern-day-opened 5 Napkin Burger, Hell's Kitchen location. Unfortunately, I was sans camera, so I'll dish out the best that I can...

PPX view from the best table in the house--thanks to maître d', Tenzin!

I arrived with my good friend, Danny, who shortly thereafter met up with a mutual friend, Luis. I decided upon ordering a side of tater tots, for the table, ahead of ordering the original 5 napkin burger. (it was my first time there) The extra-large tater tots were assuredly scrumptious with an un-ordinary mashed potato filling (I enhanced my enjoyment of them with grey poupon, placed aptly upon the table). Next, came our mains. I had no complaints over the 5 napkin burger, ordered medium-rare and even had enough room left for dessert--a s'mores shake!

original 5 napkin burger

The shake arrived--along with a lone marshmallow afloat--and didn't stand a longstanding chance with me. (I enjoyed it) $70 and change later--for three people, no less!--I decided I highly approved of the midtown haunt. Maybe I'll even consider having my birthday dinner there!
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