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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion's Night Out--2011--Is Over!

pastry chef at Ladurée building a macaron tree

I must say, that at this year's Fashion's Night Out, I'd received the best 'swag' to date. After a late-night dinner at The Plaza Food Hall (those TE sliders are tasty!) I headed home and texted David, "I have 3 surprises for you!"

world-famous macarons from Ladurée

After sampling some macarons from the macaron tree (upon which Ladurée's pastry chef had worked so diligently) I decided I had to take home some of those lovely, lemony lemon macarons! (6 for $20)

hand towel from Missoni

At Missoni (the meeting place where Cristian and I met with Danny and Andres) we were all given gift bags which inside held a lovely Missoni-striped hand towel. While there, we also enjoyed an array of passed hors d'œuvre: fried artichoke, beef carpaccio, stuffed baby eggplant, calamari, figs and prosciutto, blanched vegetables and croquettes. Also being served, still wine and sparkling water; and two different types of bellinis: melon and blood orange.

travel bag from Pan Am

At the Pan Am pop-up store, they were giving away vintage-style Pan Am travel bags to "the first fifty guests." I was not one of the first fifty, but did manage to use my charm to get one anyway. At Pan Am, "pigs in a blanket" and crispy fried wontons were served and stewardesses passed through the crowd carrying containers filled with "in-flight" snacks (chips and nuts). And of course, Christina Ricci was there to promote the new Pan Am show.

Ladurée was my last official stop for the evening, so (like last year) I never did make it downtown for my other planned FNO stops. But still, it was a very good FNO. Until next year!
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