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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surviving Irene

bedside brunch

Up here in Inwood, (at least in unit 503) Hurricane Irene was more a call to drink than it was anything else; David and I were all but unprepared.

awaiting the storm

For breakfast, David shared with me a Dominican coconut cluster, from Kenny Bakery, which I washed down with a glass of Adriano Adami "Garbél" prosecco ($16), from Heights Wine & Spirits, which David and I both agreed was quite nice (it, nearly, had it all--flavor, decent length and a touch of mousse-iness).

Later, for "brunch," (which David decided was going to be enjoyed in-bed) we shared fresh watermelon and feta, with crispbread and chocolate rugelach for dessert. (and more prosecco) After an early dinner and lots of listening to radio newscasts and reading of online updates, we settled down for a movie and a nighttime nosh.

somewhat suspect, but this'll do

Late, Friday night, David came home with a leftover bottle of prosecco from a wedding party he'd been to. We paired it with crackers and a pâté de campagne (countryside pâté) of pork, duck and green peppercorn. ($10.95 at The Plaza Food Hall)

fully flavorful

The pâté was exceptionally good, with lots of flavor. It didn't last long, but with two-plus bottles of bubbly, over the course of the day, David and I both fell asleep fast...
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