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Friday, July 1, 2011

My Rider Would Include...

Riondo sparkling
é prosecco 
Last night, over a casual bottle of Riondo "pink" rosé prosecco, David and I got around to discussing riders--as in the clause in a contract stating what you'd like your greenroom to be stocked with. (Katy Perry's rider is forty five pages long) If I had a rider (or a contract, for that matter) mine would include:

1. freshly shucked oysters - Of course, this would require an oyster shucker to be on site, so just add one Blue Ribbon oyster shucker to the list.

2. champagnes - I say champagnes because I wouldn't be able to decide on just one. But at least be sure to have a few Perrier-Jouëts on hand and at least one bottle of Veuve Clicquot...

3. cheese - I think I'd like about ten different kinds of cheese--from soft to hard, sheep's to goat, English to Italian, mild to pungent...

4. anchovies - Unchecked, I could eat them by the dozens!

5. caviar - Perhaps with some crème fraiche as well. Or if that runs out, we can top herb-rubbed goat cheese, on a Carr's water cracker, with it. Grimace now, but try one after too many glasses of champagne, and not enough food and you'll be thanking me later.

So that would be my minimum requirements... Be forewarned, however; after a few backstage visits with me, you may end up in your doctor's office with a case of gout!

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