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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brunch for Dinner

Jaume Serra; "dark rose"
Last night David and I stopped at PJ Wine to pick up a couple of bottles of wine for the week. I picked out a nice Willamette Valley pinot gris, while David selected a sparkling rosé. I would have chosen the Lamberti rosé (I've been told Lamberti makes a close champagne-comparison), but David wanted to give the Jaume Serra "Cristalino" rosé a try--"[At $6.97,] if it's good, we'll always have an affordable bottle of rosé to go to."

bubbles that seem to settle too quickly...
I poured David a glass and myself, a tasting. With tough concentration, you might find a hint of 'cream' on the palate; and for the taste: like that of dark fruits--cherry perhaps?

Even though I had chilled the Jaume in the freezer for about forty minutes, then another twenty in the refrigerator, it seemed that it would benefit by being more cold. I placed the opened bottle back into the freezer and my second pour was markedly better, adding "crispness" to the wine...

easy on the eyes

Our first course was freshly puréed peas (peas, dill, salt, pepper and a touch of Greek yogurt) atop Wasa crispbreads

salmon & eggs

... followed by smoked salmon eggs with wilted baby arugula and a side of fresh feta. For dessert, David offered to make homemade corn pudding, but I was content with simply having Domincan "chocolate dulce" chocolate squares, which seemed to pair well with our movie for the evening, Like Water for Chocolate. (I'd never seen it, but I still prefer Babette's Feast!)
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