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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(More) Live Blogging

"pot luck" dinner

I was supposed to go to the Met today to view the Alexander McQueen exhibit, but David accidentally took my wallet (housing my MetroCard, cash and debit card) with him this morning to a rehearsal at Sarah Lawrence, in Bronxville. So I instead stayed in and did some housework.

At around 7:30, I decided it was time for dinner which also gave me the opportunity to sample the Campo Viejo rioja (2006). Smooth with soft tannins... I'd actually asked (at PJ Wine) if they carried any tempranillos to which the stockist directed me toward a couple of different riojas. The Campo Viejo was not nearly as spicy as some tempranillos I've tried, but not bad either--just different.  

My dinner consisted of a portion of leftover omelette, from earlier today, plus tapenade over Wasas and David's red potato salad with arugula.

it was hard to get a shot without any shadows

The tapenade (plus the arugula we'd been eating all weekend) came from a niçoise salad I'd brought home from work late last week (it was a really big salad... or maybe the chefs just like me). I didn't even know we had any tapenade left; it's amazing what you'll find when you actually look in your "fridge."
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