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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Bubbly Night

Yesterday, I received a last-minute invitation to attend the grand opening of Todd English's new restaurant, Crossbar, at The Limelight Marketplace. But first: a quick glass of bubbly at The Oak Room while I waited for a front-of-house co-worker to finish her shift.

Sad to hear The Oak Room will be closing on July 31st;
I really do love their champagne glasses...

By the time I finished my glass of Mionetto prosecco, Victoria arrived, wasting us no time in heading downtown to Sixth Avenue. We entered The Limelight Marketplace through the Sixth Avenue entrance (we later learned Crossbar's main entrance is on 20th Street) and had to pass through a series of mazes before finally landing at Crossbar, at the eastern end of the church.

We immediately sought out our co-workers, of who a handful had preceded us there and while doing so were directed by the friendly maître d' to the upper level lounge. Victoria and I settled into a corner banquette for two, but I quickly decided it was too warm upstairs and recommended seeking an outdoor garden seat. Unfortunately, Crossbar's garden is not yet open, but we did manage to find two seats adjacent to an open door.

The bartender instantly supplied us with a food and beverage menu and upon Victoria's insistence, I decided to start with a purple rain cocktail ($13) which came highly recommended. The best thing about the cocktail was the block ice cube, nearly filling the width of the glass. (it'll be great for summer) Having had been in great anticipation of "sloppy" foie gras sliders* ($17), I placed an order--paired with a "stemless" glass of cava--even though the gnocchi had also come highly recommended.

"sloppy" foie gras sliders at Crossbar

Shortly before leaving, I inquired with one of the hostesses about the bacon pecan pie to which she replied, "You should save it for another time, when you come back just for sweets." This hostess is good...

*removed from the current menu
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