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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Quality Riesling In SoHo

An elegant, understated riesling.
Last night I stopped at SoHo Wines & Spirits on my way home from work to pick up a "relatively sweet bottle of white" for David to use in his leek soup. Of course, I wanted to get something that we could enjoy "straight" as well...

THE first wines to pique my interest at SoHo Wines & Spirits were the German ones. I narrowed my preliminary search down to a spätlese riesling, but couldn't remember where spätlese fell into place on the German wines quality scale. I continued browsing. Coming to the California wines, I came across a bottle of Taft Street, Russian River Valley riesling, 2008. I'd remembered having a Russian River Valley (sparkling) white, while in Aspen last summer and enjoying it. After confirming with the wine seller that it was a "decent" wine, I selected the bottle and was on my way.

David was first to taste the wine and said that it was very elegant... understated--to which I agreed. It doesn't have the flavor attack that some rieslings can have and it carried just an "undertaste" of acid. (my wine professor might refer to those former wines at "clumsy"--this wine certainly wasn't clumsily sweet) And at $15.99, I think it makes quite a suitable host gift. I certainly wouldn't mind receiving one.
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