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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gay Bash: A Benefit For Barie Shortell

Re-posted from ThatGreenPointBlog.com. My heart truly goes out to Mr. Shortell...

A gentleman named Michael writes:

Hi Miss Heather –
I was hoping you could spread the word about a hate crime that happened a few weeks ago in Williamsburg, on the corner of N. 4th St. and Wythe. A friend of mine who lives in the area, Barie Shortell, was attacked on the way home one evening. He was not robbed, but the people attacking him did mock him with anti-gay taunts before they attacked him... breaking his nose, jaw and eye socket. The attack has been deemed a hate crime.
Barie is doing much better but is not insured and will certainly still have a way to go in recovery…more surgeries are guaranteed.
Any attention we can draw to this would be amazing. Barie could really use the support and people should know that this kind of shit is happening right here right now!
Duly posted. For what it is worth I heard about this disgusting act at last week’s Community Board meeting. It was described as being "pretty bad." This is an understatement (he was in surgery for over nine hours to have his face reconstructed). Please be a good neighbor and help spread the word about what happened to Mr. Shortell. Those who are able, please tender a donation to help defray medical bills and/or attend the previously mentioned fundraiser at Blackout:
Gay Bash: A Benefit For Barie Shortell
Wednesday, March 23 2011 starting at 7:00 p.m.
Blackout Bar
916 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Cost of admission: $35.00 (includes three hour open bar)
Let’s show ‘em that we north Brooklynites take care of our own!
Miss Heather
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