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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

David's Home: No More Cracker Dinners

better than their brut
DAVID returned from his one week "mini-tour" upstate which means for me that the cook is back in the kitchen! (David doesn't let me cook--he cooks and I clean) David and I had both eaten a late lunch so when I got home from work, he continued to work on his grant application while I went to work on my blog. At around nine, David peeked his head into the refrigerator and said, "We have no wine," followed by, "I think I'll be getting hungry soon." I didn't need to ask...

I put on my coat and shoes and headed downstairs to the corner liquor store to pick up a bottle of our "house" bubbly, Segura Viudas cava. ($12) I usually go for Segura's brut cava, but after a couple of bottles I realized I was quite against the brut. I decided--this time--to instead purchase the extra dry (sweeter than brut) Segura Viudas.

While David prepared dinner, I uncorked the cava and filled two chilled champagne flutes. Almost instantly, I knew I liked the extra dry better than the brut. The extra dry Segura seemed to have so much more flavor than the brut Segura. As I sucked my palate after each sip, relishing the wine's newfound taste, David set the table with our first dish: herb salad (Italian parsley and chopped parmesan).

David's herb salad

David always 'recommends' eating back and forth (no eating one thing at a time); so naturally, he also set the table with: spiced yogurt crostini.

David's delicious spiced yogurt crostini 

My photo may not do the dish justice, but it looked absolutely wonderful with bright and arresting color! (and they were delicious!) The Segura paired beautifully with dinner and I even said to David, "I feel like we're eating at The Breslin!" For dessert, David whipped up a sweet and creamy corn pudding for two:

a happy ending
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