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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My boyfriend's next show with TRANSIT, which promises to be a good time--one of the composers, of which TRANSIT will be premiering a new piece of his, even has a mention in this week's New York Magazine Approval Matrix! (Highbrow Brilliant)

CORPS EXQUIS is a special project between composer Daniel Wohl, the TRANSIT collective and emerging video artists. With their feet firmly planted in the creative brainstorm of New York City's underground new music and contemporary art scenes, these artists join forces to create a large-scale performance piece that crosses artistic boundaries while speaking directly to contemporary culture.

The Surrealists developed the exquisite corpse parlor game in 1920s Paris in which a piece of art is collectively assembled. Each player is assigned a section, but only allowed a glimpse of the very end of the previous player's contribution; no one sees the final piece until each individual section is completed. In this way, a cohesive work is assembled, but each contributor's identity remains distinct in his work. CORPS EXQUIS uses this process to create a seamless multimedia experience that exists at the intersection of video installation, rock concert, avant-garde cinema, and experimental music.

CORPS EXQUIS will premiere October 14th at Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO, Brooklyn on a triple bill with So Percussion and a world premiere by Tristan Perich. Doors open at 7 p.m.; show begins at 8. BUY TICKETS HERE.

Daniel Wohl has gained a reputation for creating electro-acoustic chamber pieces that shrewdly incorporate processed sounds with live performance. In Corps Exquis, he works in tandem with six video artists to create a surreal multimedia world that exists somewhere at the intersection of experimental chamber music, video installation, avant-garde film, and post-punk-Baroque-pop rock.

Tristan Perich is widely regarded as one of the most original emerging voices in new music. Frequently finding ingenious ways to create appealing music using simple technologies and mathematics, his recent release 1-Bit Symphony won raves from establishment critics and counter-culture bloggers alike.
TRANSIT premieres a new set of his pieces that incorporates a specially created system Tristan designed to digitally process amplification. This new system allows the composer to weave a tapestry of acoustic sounds into an avant-chamber work that sounds unlike anything you've heard before.
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