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Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's Gone Gaga

CHATTING with David over lunch the other day, our conversation subsequently meandered towards Lady Gaga's meat dress. I'd, then, yet to see Gaga's latest bespoke revelation and opened my laptop to Google lady gaga meat dress.

I eventually landed upon this:

While David was a big fan ("I especially love her little meat hat"), I, on the other hand, found it disgusting. But still, I had to give the lady credit. (it takes guts to wear a meat dress to the VMA's and ask Cher to hold your 'meat purse' while you make your acceptance speech)

David was curious about what she'd won a VMA for so we logged onto MTV.com and watched this:

At the end I announced, "I think she's gone crazy."

"Ya think?"

But the best part is: now, I can have the comfort of publicly acknowledging my fondness for Lady Gaga. For, now, she is a bona fide crazy lady.

It's like watching Carol Channing sing "Jam Tomorrow Jam Yesterday"; how can you have any shame in enjoying that?

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