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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Valpolicella does it...

So as you can probably tell, I've been on a bit of a pizza kick lately. (I recently had Pulino's acciughe pizze--I do recommend trying it) To me, pizza seems to make perfect sense; if you order a slice (or a pie) with a vegetable and/or meat topping, it's almost like having a proper meal-- just all at the same time.

I nearly always enjoy pizza with champagne (a trick I learned from Mireille Guiliano), but recently came across a nice Valipocella, while visiting folks, that I wouldn't mind enjoying with pizza as well...

I was taking my father out for a belated Father's Day lunch and decided to stop at the local liquor store, on the way, to pick up a nice bottle to go along with our Italian fare. (he always has to have veal parmesan) While scanning the store's "Wines of Italy" aisle, I kept in mind that Italian wines are "all about the reds." Trying my best to make an informed decision, I searched for a label with something familiar... Eventually, I came across, Alpha Zeta, Valpolicella.

At lunch, I had veal saltimbocca and my mother had shrimp scampi; we both thought it paired fine. It was (as most Valpolicellas are) an easy-drinking wine: neither heavy nor light, not too dry, not too fruity or woodsy-- just very balanced. And at $15, very balanced on your wallet as well! (Easy does it--Valpolicella does it)
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