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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Enamoring East of Eighth (and TC)

So I just came back from: dinner (or late lunch) at East of Eighth, watching Capote and finishing Music for Chameleons.

I've seen Capote before, but wanted to see it again because: 1. I didn't really know much about Capote the first time I saw it and 2. I've decided to spend a year (or whatever it takes, more or less) studying Capote.

I liked Capote, but found Infamous to be more informative. (Although I don't know which film was more historically accurate)

(If anything, Infamous was more buoyant with plenty of scenes with fancy friends, Slim, Babe and Diana)

Music for Chameleons has some genius wordplay in it; my top three favorites are:

1. Noseboggling.

"The cousin, who was married to a harridan and lived in Greenwich, sometimes visited the apartment with his secretary, a fat Japanese woman who drenched herself in noseboggling amounts of Mitsouko."

2. Chucklingly attentive.

"But despite the agreeable efforts of our hosts, the evening was not as enlightening as I had anticipated, because after the ladies had been dismissed and the men left in the dining room to savor their cordials and Havana cigars, one of the guests, a rather slope-chinned dress-maker named Oleg Cassini, overwhelmed the conversation with a travelogue account of Las Vegas and the myriad showgirls he'd recently auditioned there... a recital that hypnotized its auditors, none of whom was more chucklingly attentive than the future president."

3. Relentlessly formal.

"The parrot, a surrealist collage of green and yellow and orange moulting feathers, is esconced on a mahogany perch in the relentlessly formal parlor of Mr. and Mrs. Berkowitz, a room suggesting that it had been entirely made of mahogany: the parquet floors, the wall paneling, and the furniture, all of it costly reproductions of grandiose period-piece furniture--though God knows what period, perhaps early Grand Concourse."

I started to read the last of the "Conversational Portraits" while I waited for dinner to arrive, but quickly put the book down as soon as I realized how good the final entry was going to be. (I wanted to wait until I could read it with undivided attention)
Nocturnal Turnings, or How Siamese Twins Have Sex

TC: Shucks! Wide Awake! Lawsamercy, we ain't been dozed off a minute. How long we been dozed off, honey?
TC: It's two now. We tried to go to sleep around midnight , but we were too tense. So you said why don't we jack off, and I said yes, that ought to relax us, it usually does, so we jacked off and went right to sleep...
I was somewhat betwixt and between over the pork loin special or a brick oven pizza, which I'd never had there before. Having had pork on my last visit, I decided to go with the thin crust Four Cheese Pizza with goat cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan and fresh mozzarella.

It was much more special than I had imagined--it was delicious! And their Casalnova Prosecco, with creamy bubbles, was a lovely match...

Afterward, I couldn't decide between Grand Marnier, to finish off my meal with, or Moscato D'Asti. Ultimately, I ended up with the Moscato and was not disappointed.

I left East of Eighth with my last unfinished slice and headed southwest to Venus Diner to pick up a slice of lemon meringue pie to go and then headed home to watch Capote in front of the box fan. Is it September yet?

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