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Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Lobster Roll Lands in Inwood

JUST a few days ago, Tryon Public House debuted an expanded menu featuring additions such as "Tryon Fries" (hand-cut fries with melted American cheese, bacon, scallions and ranch dressing); gluten-free fish tacos (corn tortilla, sweet and spicy slaw, sriracha aïoli); and a "Peaches 'n' Cream Burger" (peaches, goat cheese, bacon and caramelized onions, on a "backyard BBQ bun")--the latter does leave me feeling a bit queasy. Yet, going for lunch today, it was not the peaches and cream burger that I'd had my first taste of, but rather another new TPH menu item: the lobster roll.

Ahead of arriving at TPH, I'd pondered the best pairing for the sandwich and thought that a beer would be satisfactory. From my first TPH visit late last year, I'd remembered they were serving a Dyckman Brew pilsner; yet, upon attempting to order it (I like to support the local efforts of the 'hood) I was informed that they were no longer carrying it. I decided to go with the (somewhat less local) Bronx brew.

... let me see that lobster roll!

With the $20 lobster roll, I was given the choice of "hand-cut fries" or a side salad. I opted for the latter. Because summer. Tryon Public House's lobster roll is topped with fresh scallions and served on a "New England club roll." And skimpy beachwear ahead or not, TPH was not skimpy with its portions of lobster or the side salad which was nearly twice the size of the roll itself! Taking my first bite of the meat-stacked buttery roll, my palate was met with perfectly cooled morsels, nicely contrasted by a freshly toasted roll. It's pretty hard to screw up a lobster roll (granted it's kept simple)... but this time around, I certainly did get my $20 worth!

Tryon Public House, 4740 Broadway, Inwood (646) 918-7129
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