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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Burger Battle on Dyckman Street

WITH the popularity of my Inwood Goes Yuppie post (surprisingly, the fifth most highly-viewed post in my blog's 5 year history), I decided to give The Park View's burger a try.

The Park View's Kobe burger

On a bitter-cold night, just ahead of the "Valentine's weekend," the bar at The Park View stood unoccupied; I was surprised, because at 6:45, I'd only fifteen minutes left to take advantage of the 4-7 p.m. happy hour. Pulling out a bar stool, I began disrobing of my cold-soaked layers.

Perusing the beverage options, I nearly selected a cider, but instead opted for my usual "Laya" grenache (The Park View sometimes doubles as my home office). Having already decided on my food order, the only remaining decision was regarding toppings: cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, munster, smoked bacon, mushrooms or caramelized onions. Wanting to taste The Park View's burger as "unadulterated" as I possibly could, I selected the modest cheddar topping.

In due time, my burger was presented by, who I'd believed to be, The Park View's general manager, who then expressly asked if I'd care for any mayonnaise or mustard. Do you have Dijon? "Sure!" Arranged on a plate with "fixins" of lettuce, tomato et al on the side, I was truly excited about tasting my Kobe burger with its brioche bun. Momentarily setting the top aside, I'd arranged additions of lettuce (beautifully dark-green and leafy), tomato, red onion and a pair of cornichons. Not wanting to stall enjoyment any further, I picked up the burger, whole and took my first bite. 

Now, being the "food snob" that I am, I never eat a burger without a knife and a fork (save for those occasional post-4 a.m. diner excursions). But The Park View's burger, with its gleaming brioche top, was gazing so invitingly that I simply could not resist picking up the burger, whole--then and there. And regret never arrived, for my attention had quickly turned to the burger's Kobe beef. Of assured high quality, the perfectly cooked medium-rare patty tasted of what you'd expect every excellent burger should taste of. And with its brioche bun, fine lettuce and crunch and tang of the onions and gherkins: these ingredients only added to the experience. As for the fries: they nearly dulled in comparison, yet were just as good as any perfect New-York-diner-fries.

Thirty-somewhat minutes later, I could hardly believe I had finished the entire burger. On my way out, I'd nearly reported to the staff that their burger is better than--wait, I'd better not. It's not like I'm actually trying to create a burger battle on Dyckman Street!

The Park View, 219 Dyckman Street, Inwood (212) 544-9024
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