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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Funky Red

DURING a recent trip to De Wine Spot, I came home with this "real funky" red (thanks to 'house sommelier,' Cynthia Araiza). Grateful of Ms. Araiza's wise recommendations, I was quite excited about trying this new vin de pays. I opened the bottle one night while David was cooking up a celery soup (whose version is decidedly different from mine), and at first taste I'd noted: wild tannins which attack on the tongue, but soon soften in the mouth. And on the nose: that woodsy, wet paper scent that often comes with drier, more aged reds.

WITH its big, soft tannins and unique nose, it really was quite a lovely wine. But what to pair it with? I don't know if celery soup was the best... I keep thinking of goat cheese. Is that even a goat on the label?
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