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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bring Home a Bit(e) of History with a Three Tarts Bakery + Boutique Chocolate Bunny!

Three Tarts makes these Easter treats with heirloom molds
brought over from Germany at the turn of the century

I know one thing that will be in loved ones' Easter baskets this year--everybody loves a chocolate bunny at Easter and when I'd heard about these one-of-a-kind candies available at Three Tarts Bakery + Boutique, I knew I'd be hopping down there before the big day...

These limited edition milk chocolate Easter bunnies are made from a blend of the finest European chocolates, using heirloom molds on loan to us by Grandpa Gruning. 
Gruning’s Ice Cream and Candy Company was a family run chain and local institution from 1910-1987. The first location was where the Apollo Theatre now stands, while seven other shops dotted Central New Jersey. The chocolate molds we use were brought over from Germany by Grandpa Gruning’s father at the turn of the century. They have stayed in the family ever since, and were the only items kept when the Gruning’s chain was sold. We are grateful to have the opportunity to bring back a sweet bit of local history. Thank you, Grandpa Gruning!

Have you ever watched a chocolate bunny being made before? If not, do watch this video!

Ready for slaughter

Three Tarts' chocolate bunnies are made in very limited quantities and are quite possibly the rarest Easter chocolates in New York! Get yours at Three Tarts Bakery + Boutique online, or in "bunny" at their shop on 164 Ninth Avenue @ 20th Street, Chelsea.
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