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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nearly Forgetting About Henry's

A few of Henry's dishes which 
we chose for sharing
As I'd previously mentioned, Monday night was David's birthday and we began the celebratory night with a quiet dinner for two at Henry's, on the Upper West Side.

Previously living just two blocks from the place, Henry's was always our "go to" place whenever visiting folks were in town (it's where David had his undergrad graduation luncheon and where our former roommate introduced her, now, wife to her parents). Planning a surprise cocktail hour at Toast with a few of David's closest friends, I decided Henry's would be the perfect spot for a pre-cocktail hour dinner.

A cow-goat blend and a pecorino
were our selections
David and I decided to begin with the Saxelby's artisanal American cheese plate which included apricot chutney and a wonderful cheese which was a blend of goat and cow--I've never had a cheese like that before! Moving on, we selected from the all-American wine list the Brotherhood blanc de blancs NV brut (Washingtonville, N. Y.). The N. Y. state sparkling comes from "the oldest operating winery in the U. S. A." and at $30 was both a bargain and a value!

Duck Reuben sandwich
For our main course, we decided upon several dishes to share. David ordered butternut squash soup, pistachio green beans and french fries while I had already predetermined (from home) that I wanted to order the duck Reuben ($15). David's green beans were terrific (and quite large for a side--a neighboring diner ordered them as her entrée). And my duck Reuben sandwich was one I won't soon forget! The slices of duck tasted very fresh and juicy and I can honestly say that this sandwich rivaled Blue Ribbon's roasted duck club!

 Henry's biscotti plate
Both of us nearly too full for another bite, we decided upon sharing the biscotti plate which included a "chilled affogato." The off-sweet biscotti was just what we'd wanted while the shot of espresso helped with digestion. At the end of the meal, I told David about how I'd nearly forgotten about Henry's; while I'd never recalled an unpleasant experience at Henry's, I hadn't recalled any memorable ones either. However, Monday night's meal proved to be an unforgettable experience and one that I won't soon forget!

Henry's, 2745 Broadway, Upper West Side
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