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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good Dish West of Eighth

Had I not begun working at my three-month new job near The High Line, I never would have guessed there were so many culinary delights west of Eighth Avenue. I've recently become a fan of Cookshop--quite possibly the best brunch in Manhattan--and now, Tipsy Parson

I'd been wanting to go to Tipsy for quite a while now. A former co-worker told me about the place over a year ago and since I'd begun working in Chelsea it caught my eye each time I passed it. I finally popped in a couple of weeks ago, for a quick glass of prosecco which ended up being on the house. That cemented my plans for a quick return...

fried green tomatoes and hush puppies at Tipsy Parson

Wednesdays are now doubles for me at the restaurant (in addition to Sundays) and because there was not enough coverage for me to break at a decent hour, I decided to split my break in two and take two shorter breaks. My first break was taken at Tipsy Parson.

Having only thirty minutes, I saddled up at the marble-countered bar and perused the menu for some "snacks." I decided upon hush puppies with warm pimento cheese ($8) and fried green tomatoes with tomato vinaigrette ($8). My snacks arrived, before too long and were nice and hot (and pretty-looking too). 

I tasted the hush puppies first. They were tender and moist with a pleasing flavor and had just a touch of cornmeal, adding texture. I could hardly put my knife and fork down and had to remind myself that there was another snack yet to be tasted.

I sliced into my first portion of tomato and was pleased just enough to be satisfied; the casing was just as crispy as it should have been, but beyond that: nothing more. But when I dressed the tomatoes with the tomato vinaigrette dressing, that's when they became impressive. The dressing was slightly spicy and acidic, adding good balance to the dish. This dish, I would order again.

Both would have paired nicely with a glass of sparkling, but alas... I was only on break. 'Til next time.
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